Gripping Art

Looking around my house I started to contemplate the art I have hanging on my walls. Would someone know something more about me, something hidden, based on the artists, styles, colors and stories that I’m attracted to? Do you remember that scene from Good Will Hunting, when Matt Damon’s character dissects and analyzes the “Winslow Homer rip-off” painting in his therapist’s office, as it pertains to hidden truths about his therapist, played by Robin Williams? It’s very powerful. This is one of my top ten films of all time. The whole thing is painfully and psychologically accurate. If you haven’t seen this film I highly recommend it.

Does the art that we surround ourselves with tell a story of who we are? Do you have art in your house that you no longer look at, that no longer moves you or speaks to you? Do you have art because it fills a space, it’s the right color accent or the wall needed something? If money were no object, is there any painting or artist that you’re drawn to? Has a certain style ever evoked feelings of anger or made you ill? Do you have the same taste as your parents? Who or what has influenced your surroundings?

When I was in Las Vegas for my birthday, the painting next to the bed in my hotel room was a Picasso, no, it wasn’t a real Picasso, just a print. As you may, or may not remember from an earlier post, “How Not To Celebrate Your 50th Birthday,” I was terribly sick. For some reason, every time I looked at that painting I felt more sick. It did nothing to soothe me. Though I respect Picasso as an artist, I’m not that attracted to his style.


This was not the exact etching but it’s very close.

Here are some of the “paintings” I currently have hanging in my house. If you assume I love the ocean, congratulations, you’re a genius. haha!


Light House Walk at Biarritz -1906
Boston Museum


This Degas was a gift from my husband and is probably my favorite.


I bought this in a little shop in Long Island, New York. – Joaquin Sorolla


1877 – Winslow Homer “The New Novel”


Edward Potthast – I adore all of his work, though it is way over produced

What is your favorite piece of art that you own? I have to say that my children have created some of my favorite works. Children may be the best artists because they are so uninhibited, creative and free. Some people are not moved by music or literature or art. I always assume that we all love these things but that’s not always the case. Are you this person?