Here Comes The Sun!

The sun came out for a short while today and I could feel my mood lift. This is how I was feeling. tumblr_lrzxih25c41qihvmqo1_500

Here in the greater Chicago area it’s not difficult to feel down and out. The gray clouds and cold temperatures make even the simplest tasks exhausting. This is how I normally feel from November to March, except there’s no ocean.tumblr_mkfi5rjsoo1qmvy8zo1_500

I’m not sure when I became so sensitive to seasonal changes, it’s not like I’m old, right?  …ahem. With warmer temperatures and blue skies around the corner, I know I’ll be in a much more positive mood — It’s not unusual for me to experience little bursts of euphoria, moments when I believe anything is possible. These bursts coincide with the advent of lighter days, spring and summer, and sometimes a full moon. What? I’m just saying. Here I am at the peak of my euphoria running on the water. tumblr_m9yc2n3yga1qiz3j8o1_500

This little clip is from last summer when I was practicing my Olympic dives. I think I have pretty good form, don’t you?


Now that I’ve used up most of the gifs that I was saving, and made this great little post, which will undoubtedly annoy Harper Faulkner, I’ll just float, relaxing with my mystery lover in Lake Michigan. (Just kidding – Lake Michigan is FAH-REEZING! )tumblr_m6vhriCIh31qbdomno1_500