For your Amusement


Apparently the Simplicity pattern lady will dance to anything. I think we can all agree she has some sweet moves, not unlike a metronome. I only wish I had that outfit. (For the best effect play the song I’ve chosen at the bottom of the post.)

tumblr_mjvx1ywG6f1qdlh1io1_400-1This may be something only a cat lover would enjoy. Then again, I’m sure we’ve all had relationships like this. If you’re a mom, it’s likely you’ve suffered the figurative foot in the face on many occasions.


I’m pretty sure I pulled this stunt once or twice.


I really believe this label would save a lot of fine garments.


Don’t pretend you haven’t felt this way before. Although my experience is usually the opposite. I exit the salon, run to my car, sunglasses on, and promptly destroy ‘the do’ that took an hour to create. I often have to duck down in my car seat so my “stylist” doesn’t see me.

Who doesn’t LOVE Bobby Sherman?