No Title – that would require too much effort


This is how I feel when I open my emails. Why does this simultaneously upset and amuse me?

My emails are simply out of control. There’s a tipping point and I’m afraid I’ve reached it. Now I don’t even want to open it up. Last time I checked there were 126 unopened emails waiting for me. Guess who they’re from? That’s right, they’re from YOU! I’m knee deep in old posts and they just keep accumulating because let’s face it – all of you are incredibly disciplined and prolific. The more they pile up the more guilty and tired I feel. Time to crawl into bed.


This is a metaphor for my current life. Driving blindly


For those of you not taking notice of the weather in the midwest, specifically the Chicago area, let me tell you that this summer is one of the suckiest we’ve ever had. I might as well move to Seattle or London, for all the sunshine we’re getting. Not only is it cold and damp and raining in biblical proportions, it’s flying by. Soon it will be winter. No, I’m not being dramatic. In case you forgot what winter looks like, and you’re actually enjoying your summer, I’ve found a couple of images that will jerk back into reality.


I’ve been in a true funk lately. Normally I go to the movies, at least once a week during the summer. The last film I saw was Star Trek — I had heard a rumor that they had brought the real soft pretzels back to the concession stand and so I was lured in. Indeed they had. Thank goodness! One of the reasons I love going to the movies is that I get to eat junk food in the dark. (Don’t pretend you don’t like that.) Has anyone seen anything good lately? Everything looks sort of crappy. Am I wrong?

Remember the summer when Grease was released? Now THAT was a good summer – of course I was a teen, but still.Β tumblr_mb0sufWJZ01r93r23o1_500

I want my summer to look and feel like this.






But not this.


Maybe I should just start a book? Β πŸ™‚