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A Fine Line…

It occurred to me yesterday, after I posted the awards, that I somehow managed, maybe, to come across as insecure. And here’s the thing — I’m not insecure. I may struggle with finding… Continue reading

Politics and Sex and Religion…

 Oh, I’m sorry, did you really think I was going to write a post on those hot topics? Seriously? No, actually it was just my way of luring you in so that you… Continue reading

Hot Fun in the Summertime… The Finale

Dear Readers, brace yourselves for the final installation of Hot Fun In the Summertime. I have one final memory that I debated on whether to share. Since you seem to enjoy the idiocy… Continue reading

Hot Fun In The Summertime… Part Two

Welcome back readers! I hope you’re ready for some more of my gripping summer memories. Bay Head, New Jersey, 1976 This was the summer of America’s 200th birthday, the Bicentennial. My parents had… Continue reading

Hot Fun In The Summertime… part one

It’s 104 degrees here in the Chicago suburbs, a record breaker, I believe. The words oven, furnace and lava come to mind every time I walk outside. Yes, I said lava — that image of… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Grab Bag

A LITTLE HODGE-PODGE  Today’s post will be a mess o’ jumbled topics. I have little bits of this and that which I’d like to unload in one random post. Here goes… DENTAL UPDATE… Continue reading

My Dental Odyssey…

Dear Readers, I have officially entered the gates of hell. I’d invite you to come in and sit by the fire, but I wouldn’t wish my current situation on my worst enemy. Please… Continue reading

My Spotless Mind…

Everyone who knows me quickly learns that I have a terrible memory, both short term and long term. I have what I call, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” No, I didn’t pay… Continue reading

My Strange Addictions…

I thought I would use today’s post to purge the debilitating shame that I’ve been carrying around with me. You see friends, I’m an addict. You heard me, AN ADDICT. I seek relief… Continue reading

A Permanent Vacation…

CHICAGO This Friday I’ll be traveling from Chicago to Victoria, British Columbia, to visit my daughter and son in-law. I missed posting on Music Monday and Time Travel Tuesday because I’m in, “getting… Continue reading