I was thinking about my bed today and why I’m so in love with it. I’m one of those people who could conduct business from bed all day long. While I’m admitting to… Continue reading

Here Comes The Sun!

The sun came out for a short while today and I could feel my mood lift. This is how I was feeling.  Here in the greater Chicago area it’s not difficult to feel… Continue reading

Young Girl

I have a special treat for all of my readers today. I found this Gary Puckett and the Union Gap music video on Youtube. I know it will delight you in very unexpected… Continue reading

My bookstore fantasy

Originally posted on Drinking Tips for Teens: It will be a combination used bookstore and café. I will run the bookstore and my wife will run the café. That way we will…

As Tears Go By

The airport is a great place to make observations. I was recently there, standing at my gate, waiting for the passengers from a late arriving flight to disembark. I’m the type of person who… Continue reading

Ode to the Ocean

This won’t actually be an ‘Ode’, not technically, I just liked the alliteration. I was thinking of writing some thoughts that speak to my love of the ocean, that’s all. The ocean is… Continue reading


I don’t know why but I felt as though everyone needed to see this. I think Wednesday may be my inner child. I’m not sure? Either that, or she’s my spirit animal…? Hey,… Continue reading

One of my many moods…

I’m feeling a little feisty today. The following Gif  illustrates my current mood. Perhaps Vickie Lester can tell me the specifics– who, what and where with regard to this image. Vickie is a… Continue reading

Brand New Me

M U S I C   M O N D A Y I wrote a screenplay twelve or so years ago. The name of it was, Brand New Me. It was a romantic comedy… Continue reading


Originally posted on SCENTS MEMORY:
Oh this day, this Easter Sunday I am happy to announce the winner on my Blog (as others are being announced on other blogs around the world) of…