A Six Word Memoir…

┬áTHERAPEUTIC THURSDAY I thought it might be fun and therapeutic to see if we could write a six word memoir. I read about this in ‘O Magazine’ and it seemed intriguing. Apparently Ernest… Continue reading

Waiting rooms…

WHINY WEDNESDAY Today I went to the eye doctor for my annual check up. As I was sitting in the waiting room it occurred to me just how much I hate to wait… Continue reading

The Art of Faking Sick

Time Travel Tuesday Growing up, I was not the greatest student. I know, hard to believe, right? I seem so fluid in my writing and I’m so articulate with expressing my thoughts. *cough,cough*… Continue reading

My missing decade of music

MUSIC MONDAY Something happened in the 90’s that was quite unexpected. As I was raising my two children I lost contact with popular music. Please understand that I’m someone who can’t drive their… Continue reading

Is Award Season Necessary?

When I was young I use to enjoy watching the award shows, the Academy Awards or ‘the Oscars,’ being the grand daddy of them all. I’d look forward to the red carpet, the… Continue reading

Food Names I Refuse to Recognize

WEEKEND POTPOURRI I was just at a sandwich shop called, Panera Bread, when I witnessed something sort of uncomfortable. A rather large and masculine looking man decided to order some corn bread from… Continue reading

Short and Sweet Film Reviews

FILM REVIEW FRIDAY Thought you might like a more economical film review for this week? Enjoy! THE IRON LADY SEE IT if you’d enjoy watching Meryl Streep with a ton of age makeup… Continue reading

The road not taken… a brief psychological test

Therapeutic Thursday There was a strange test I remember taking in high school. Actually, my then boyfriend administered it, so you know it was a valuable and accurate psychological tool. In fact, I… Continue reading

Pet Peeves and General Annoyances

Whiny Wednesday There are plenty of things that annoy me and cause me to achieve toxic levels of anger. Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration. ‘Toxic’ is a strong word that I best keep… Continue reading

Awkward Babysitting Moments…

Time Travel Tuesday Make no mistake, babysitting is a real job, with real job hazards. One of my worst memories from my babysitting career was the dreaded drive home. Usually the parents would… Continue reading