Favorite Movie Soundtracks

MUSIC MONDAY Welcome to Music Monday. I thought I would start by picking a topic that sometimes gets forgotten, at least in terms of a music category. If you’re a film lover then… Continue reading

Things I thought I’d never do….

Lately, I’ve noticed a growing list of things that I do that make me “uncool.” These are things that, as a youth, you promise NEVER to do as an adult. Topping the list… Continue reading

The Art Of Napping

There are very few things in life that bring me as much comfort as a good old fashion nap. I think most people would agree that dozing off in the middle of the… Continue reading


Film Review Friday Contraband falls under the genre of ‘heist thriller’ which is not exactly the type of movie I’m usually drawn to but it had Mark Wahlberg in it so I figured, what… Continue reading