Another Transitional Tuesday…

Here are some helpful tips for those of us who are transitioning into our very best lives. I think we can all benefit from the wisdom offered in these simple rules. I’ve also… Continue reading

The Spy Who Loved Me

M U S I C   M O N D A Y I love Carly Simon, especially her earlier albums. The Spy who Loved Me is a favorite.  I don’t know why, but… Continue reading

For Your Amusement….


There are some things in life that we take for granted. One of those things happens to be human emotion or feelings. We just assume that everyone has the ability to feel the… Continue reading

Welcome to Transitional Tuesday!

Transit Noun * an act of passing through or across a place ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting passage from one place to another) Okay, so Toxic Tuesday was short lived. It wasn’t really… Continue reading


M U S I C   M O N D A Y  This song needs no introduction. Great music, lyrics and vocals. I think you’ll all agree.  


I drove to the storage unit this morning to look for some documentation that I had packed away. I packed it because I didn’t think I’d need it in my new life in… Continue reading

What’s Your Communication Style?

T H E R A P E U T I C    T H U R S D A Y  There are four basic styles of communication. How do you normally respond when… Continue reading

Welcome to Toxic Tuesday!

I’ve decided, since the weather is so bitter, to coordinate my mood and be bitter, too!! Until spring arrives I plan to use Toxic Tuesdays to release what I’m currently feeling. I’m processing… Continue reading

California Dreamin’

M U S I C    M O N D A Y  This is one of my favorite songs. I think each Monday I’m going to feature one song that I love. It’s… Continue reading