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Hot Fun In The Summertime… Part Two

Welcome back readers! I hope you’re ready for some more of my gripping summer memories. Bay Head, New Jersey, 1976 This was the summer of America’s 200th birthday, the Bicentennial. My parents had… Continue reading

Hot Fun In The Summertime… part one

It’s 104 degrees here in the Chicago suburbs, a record breaker, I believe. The words oven, furnace and lava come to mind every time I walk outside. Yes, I said lava — that image of… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Grab Bag

A LITTLE HODGE-PODGE  Today’s post will be a mess o’ jumbled topics. I have little bits of this and that which I’d like to unload in one random post. Here goes… DENTAL UPDATE… Continue reading

My Dental Odyssey…

Dear Readers, I have officially entered the gates of hell. I’d invite you to come in and sit by the fire, but I wouldn’t wish my current situation on my worst enemy. Please… Continue reading

Open House

Whiny Wednesday on Tuesday You know I’m having a bad week when Whiny Wednesday has been moved to Tuesday. All I can say is, somebody please kill me or buy my house –… Continue reading

A World Without Music…

M U S I C    M O N D A Y This is sort of a strange idea for music monday but it’s something that I’m confronted with from time to time… Continue reading

A Different Father’s Day Message…

F A T H E R ‘ S    D A Y    {W I T H    A    T W I S T} I’m writing this post today for all of… Continue reading

For Your Amusement…

W E E K E N D   P O T P O U R R I Here are a few things that made me laugh this past week. Enjoy!!!

Rock of Ages

F I L M    R E V I E W   F R I D A Y I don’t even know where to begin or how to describe this film. As I… Continue reading

Guest Relations and Intimidation

W H I N Y    W E D N E S D A Y I have only one thing to complain about today but it’s something that’s bothered me for most of… Continue reading