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Film Review Friday… 3/16/2012

F I L M   R E V I E W   F R I D A Y  I’m going to make these short and sweet. If only they had been short and… Continue reading

For Your Enjoyment…

Something to lighten the mood…. Feel free to leave a comment, I know you have one. (I’m pretty sure the headlice tag is gonna bring in a lot of people.) What happens in… Continue reading

Whiny Wednesday…

W H I N Y   W E D N E S D A Y  Welcome to whiny wednesday, the day of the week when moaning and groaning is allowed. I’ve had a… Continue reading

If not now, Wen?

W E E K E N D   P O T P O U R R I INFOMERCIALS  Every weekend the networks like to fill the unscheduled dead time slots with infomercials. Infomercials… Continue reading

Cars, Carpets and Church

T I M E   T R A V E L   T U E S D A Y There are some things I remember from childhood with such disdain that I thought… Continue reading

Another well deserved award…

Dear readers, all 15 of you, I’m so pleased to announce that I have been given the great honor of being presented with the prestigious, Glitter E. Yaynus Award. Please try to contain… Continue reading


F I L M   R E V I E W   F R I D A Y  Wanderlust I’m not sure how probable it is that these two would stop for sleep,… Continue reading

School Buses, Nice Guys, and Billboards…

W H I N Y    W E D N E S D A Y  I think I have a few complaints today that we can all get behind. SCHOOL BUSES I’m not… Continue reading

Just Google it.

It use to be that information, hard cold facts, on topics ranging from A to Z, could only be obtained from books and encyclopedias, etc. Information/knowledge was very precious and obtaining it meant… Continue reading