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Eat, Pray, Love, Read

I came across this Elizabeth Gilbert quote on Pinterest, recently, and read it over and over.┬áThis. Is. Me. If Elizabeth Gilbert suffers the same romantic optimistic self-destructive distortions as I do, then there… Continue reading

A letter to Cat Stevens…

Dear Cat, I “Can’t Keep It In.” I must confess, that after all these years I’m still in love with you. “How can I tell you that I love you?” I guess I’ll… Continue reading

Another loss…

**WARNING – DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON THREE OF DOWNTON ABBEY!!!** (But, if you’ve already read the title and seen the picture of… Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day Collage…

I’m not sure why I’m posting this on Transitional Tuesday… This year Valentine’s day won’t be easy for me. It will be a reminder of what I don’t have and maybe never did.… Continue reading

Welcome to Transitional Tuesday!

Transit Noun * an act of passing through or across a place ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting passage from one place to another) Okay, so Toxic Tuesday was short lived. It wasn’t really… Continue reading


I drove to the storage unit this morning to look for some documentation that I had packed away. I packed it because I didn’t think I’d need it in my new life in… Continue reading

Impression Management

Therapeutic Thursday on Friday I meant to start this new Gripping Life series yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well so here it is today. I’d like to introduce a new mental health or… Continue reading

A letter to a girl I used to know…

Dear Lisa, This letter is to impart some valuable life lessons that, by all accounts, you should receive, but sadly, you won’t. Unfortunately we’re not born with a crystal ball, a road map,… Continue reading

The perfect metaphor…

I chose to buy this particular old house because I sensed it had ‘good bones’ and needed a little love to reach its full potential. Some tried to talk me out of it,… Continue reading

This post has no title.

I want to start by thanking everyone for the massive outpouring of love that you’ve showered over me. I can honestly say that I have felt the effects of all the positive energy,… Continue reading