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Eat, Pray, Love, Read

I came across this Elizabeth Gilbert quote on Pinterest, recently, and read it over and over. This. Is. Me. If Elizabeth Gilbert suffers the same romantic optimistic self-destructive distortions as I do, then there… Continue reading

Another loss…

**WARNING – DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON THREE OF DOWNTON ABBEY!!!** (But, if you’ve already read the title and seen the picture of… Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day Collage…

I’m not sure why I’m posting this on Transitional Tuesday… This year Valentine’s day won’t be easy for me. It will be a reminder of what I don’t have and maybe never did.… Continue reading

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

                                           F I L M   R E V I E W  … Continue reading