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“You Really Got Me…”

M U S I C   M O N D A Y I thought for this music monday I would share a true story from my wild youth. I may have alluded to… Continue reading

Favorite Concept Album…

M U S I C   M O N D A Y Concept Albums I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s. I was exposed to a lot of great music at an… Continue reading

Studio Versus Live Albums and Concerts

M U S I C    M O N D A Y I’m just going to be bold and say it. I’m not fond of live albums. Sure, there are a few that… Continue reading

Story-Songs; Love ’em or hate ’em?

M U S I C    M O N D A Y  When I was growing up there seemed to be an inordinate amount of songs that were written as stories and set… Continue reading

Award Winning…

No Blog Intended nominated me for this very cool award, and I accept. Thank You! All of the people on my Blogroll have been nominated numerous times before because they’re all so talented,… Continue reading