Film Review Friday

Contraband falls under the genre of ‘heist thriller’ which is not exactly the type of movie I’m usually drawn to but it had Mark Wahlberg in it so I figured, what the heck? He’s always believable as the blue-collar, underdog, good guy. Could it be because in real life he is THAT guy? Well, I say good for you Marky Mark. You’re smarter than a lot of other average actors who insist on putting themselves in films that they have no business in. They want to play roles that challenge them as actors and they just end up looking idiotic. The movie Rain man comes to mind. Were we really suppose to believe Dustin Hoffmann was Tom Cruise’s brother?  There’s like a 40 year age difference. I’d say, compared to the gullible audience, Rainman WAS a genius.

Really? Brothers? On what planet?

There’s an intensity about Mark Wahlberg that I find very attractive. Technically he’s not handsome nor does he appear to be leading man material and yet he manages to win me over every time. And the south Boston accent, well, he had me at “pak the kah”.

Giving him a run for his money is Giovanni Ribisi who I always confuse with Ed Norton. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because they both lose themselves in the role they’re playing, so completely, that they become interchangeable? Anyway, Giovanni Ribisi is great, per usual. (I love him in “The Other Sister”)

Giovanni Ribisi as the mentally challenged Daniel

Then there’s Kate Beckinsale who is trying really hard to look down and dirty with grown out high-lights, a tattoo, and oily skin. Yes, she’s technically pretty but she’s really lacking in the charisma department. She’s the opposite of Mark Wahlberg, in this regard. Remember her in Serendipity? Sorry, but her little flights of fancy really got on my nerves. I wanted her dead.

I’m not exactly an expert on contraband and the criminal activity that takes place in  shipping yards, but apparently Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) is. He knows EVERYTHING about everything. Not only that, but he expertly knows his way around the underbelly of Panama City like the palm of his dirty hand. Actually, Panama City is ONLY underbelly from what I could tell.

I give my boy high marks for making this implausible script work.

What did I learn about myself from attending this film? I will never be paying a visit to Panama City, and by that I mean, I will never go south of the resorts in Cancun.