Embracing my inner man…

Sometimes I wonder where I fall on the continuum of masculine and feminine. I’ve always had my suspicions that I teeter close to that middle dividing line, the cusp where all the enigmatic people reside. The following are indications that my inner man is alive and well.

  • When shopping in a department store I gravitate to the men’s section. I LOVE men’s clothes. The simplicity, the fabrics, the masculine patterns, the colognes, the leatha! Men have a uniform, of sorts, and that’s always been appealing to me. When the film, “Annie Hall” came out it was like the universe winked at me. “There you go Lisa, feel free to wear ties, men’s jackets, shoulder pads, etc.” The funny thing is, I already was wearing that stuff. (I love wearing Men’s shirts.) And just as a sidebar, Diane Keaton has always been my role model and now Jeff Lewis, is a close second.
  • In the Chinese horoscope my energy, or life force is Yang. Yang energy is said to be aggressive, male and socially indifferent. Conversely, the Yin energy is interpreted as passive, female, docile, receptive, and society oriented.

    This is what YANG energy looks like.

  • I’m strong, like scary strong. I think I’d be one of those people that could lift a car in order to save the person pinned beneath. When my adrenaline kicks in, nothing is impossible. I’m fast and forceful – a presence that is felt to the point that people actually comment on it. If I had a dime for every time someone told me I was, “so fast” I’d probably be rich have $4.00. I also walk in front of people. Is that rude? I can’t help it. Being slow feels so unnatural for me. It pains me. I always thought it was because I was tall and my legs are long, but I think it’s because I’m always in a hurry. I’d never make it in one of those societies where women walk 10 paces behind the men. It would kill me. No, seriously, it would kill me.

    I walk so fast that I cause photos to blur.

  • I’ve worked in plenty of Mental Health Hospitals. Always and without fail, those patients who have sexual identity disorders, of all varieties, LOVE me. When I say “love” I mean they fall in love with me. This goes for both women and men. It got to the point that the staff would always assign those patients to me. So what kind of vibe am I giving off, anyway? Is my testosterone showing? Is my energy confusing to confused people and so they feel at home with me? What the heck?
  • My final point, maybe my strongest point in this whole discussion, is that I found out, after having my DNA done by 23andme, that I am… some of you should sit down for this… 2.5% Neanderthal. That’s right. Forget ancestry.com, if you really want to know who your ancestors were you’ll need to dig deep, maybe in a cave with a bone. Luckily, this bit of information was counter balanced with the fact that I’m related to Marie Antoinette.  Maybe Neanderthal man and Marie Antoinette are the two  opposing forces on the continuum?

What Neanderthal Man would look like at the Sears Portrait Studio

* You should know that other clients from 23andme have much greater amounts of  Neanderthal, like 3% and 4% and they seem to be very proud of it. I think John C. Riley might have 5%…? Or maybe he’s Cro-Magnon man?

** When I ask people if I seem masculine to them they always tell me I’m very feminine. But then I wonder if they say that because they’re afraid of me? 🙂